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InstanceTemplate Struct Reference

#include <Map.h>

Public Attributes

uint32 map
uint32 parent
uint32 maxPlayers
uint32 reset_delay
uint32 access_id
float startLocX
float startLocY
float startLocZ
float startLocO
uint32 script_id
bool allowMount

Detailed Description

Definition at line 230 of file Map.h.

Member Data Documentation

uint32 InstanceTemplate::access_id

Definition at line 236 of file Map.h.

Referenced by Spell::CheckCast(), and MapManager::PlayerCannotEnter().

bool InstanceTemplate::allowMount

Definition at line 242 of file Map.h.

Referenced by Spell::CheckCast(), and WorldSession::HandleMoveWorldportAckOpcode().

uint32 InstanceTemplate::map

Definition at line 232 of file Map.h.

Referenced by ObjectMgr::LoadInstanceTemplate(), and InstanceSaveManager::LoadResetTimes().

uint32 InstanceTemplate::maxPlayers

Definition at line 234 of file Map.h.

Referenced by InstanceMap::CannotEnter().

uint32 InstanceTemplate::parent
uint32 InstanceTemplate::reset_delay
uint32 InstanceTemplate::script_id

Definition at line 241 of file Map.h.

Referenced by InstanceMap::CreateInstanceData().

float InstanceTemplate::startLocO

Definition at line 240 of file Map.h.

float InstanceTemplate::startLocX

Definition at line 237 of file Map.h.

float InstanceTemplate::startLocY

Definition at line 238 of file Map.h.

float InstanceTemplate::startLocZ

Definition at line 239 of file Map.h.

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