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CliHandler Class Reference

#include <Chat.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for CliHandler:

Public Types

typedef void Print(void *, char const *)

Public Member Functions

 CliHandler (void *callbackArg, Print *zprint)
const char * GetOregonString (int32 entry) const
bool isAvailable (ChatCommand const &cmd) const
void SendSysMessage (const char *str)
char const * GetName () const
bool needReportToTarget (Player *chr) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ChatHandler
 ChatHandler (WorldSession *session)
 ChatHandler (Player *player)
 ~ChatHandler ()
void FillMessageData (WorldPacket *data, uint8 type, uint32 language, uint64 target_guid, const char *message)
void FillSystemMessageData (WorldPacket *data, const char *message)
char * extractQuotedArg (char *args)
void SendSysMessage (int32 entry)
void PSendSysMessage (const char *format,...) ATTR_PRINTF(2
void void PSendSysMessage (int32 entry,...)
std::string PGetParseString (int32 entry,...)
int ParseCommands (const char *text)
bool isValidChatMessage (const char *msg)
bool HasSentErrorMessage ()

Private Attributes

void * m_callbackArg

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ChatHandler
static void FillMessageData (WorldPacket *data, WorldSession *session, uint8 type, uint32 language, const char *channelName, uint64 target_guid, const char *message, Unit *speaker)
static char * LineFromMessage (char *&pos)
static ChatCommandgetCommandTable ()
- Protected Types inherited from ChatHandler
typedef std::list< DeletedInfoDeletedInfoList
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ChatHandler
 ChatHandler ()
bool hasStringAbbr (const char *name, const char *part)
void SendGlobalSysMessage (const char *str)
void SendGlobalGMSysMessage (const char *str)
bool ExecuteCommandInTable (ChatCommand *table, const char *text, const std::string &fullcommand)
bool ShowHelpForCommand (ChatCommand *table, const char *cmd)
bool ShowHelpForSubCommands (ChatCommand *table, char const *cmd, char const *subcmd)
bool HandleAccountCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAccountCreateCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAccountDeleteCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAccountLockCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAccountOnlineListCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAccountPasswordCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAccountSetAddonCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAccountSetGmLevelCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAccountSetPasswordCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleHelpCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAHBotOptionsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCommandsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleStartCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDismountCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSaveCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMListIngameCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMListFullCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSummonCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAppearCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGroupSummonCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleRecallCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNameAnnounceCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMNameAnnounceCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAnnounceCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMAnnounceCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNotifyCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMNotifyCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMmodeCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMChatCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleVisibleCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGPSCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleTaxiCheatCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleWhispersCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNameTeleCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGroupTeleCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDrunkCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSendItemsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSendMailCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSendMoneyCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDebugPlayCinematicCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDebugPlaySoundCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleEventActiveListCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleEventStartCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleEventStopCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleEventInfoCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLearnCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLearnAllCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLearnAllGMCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLearnAllCraftsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLearnAllRecipesCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLearnAllDefaultCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLearnAllLangCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLearnAllMyClassCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLearnAllMySpellsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLearnAllMyTalentsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupAreaCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupCreatureCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupEventCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupFactionCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupItemCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupItemSetCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupObjectCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupPlayerIpCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupPlayerAccountCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupPlayerEmailCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupQuestCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupSkillCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupSpellCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupTeleCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCharacterTitlesCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleTitleCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLookupTitleCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleTitlesAddCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleTitlesCurrentCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleTitlesRemoveCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleTitlesSetMaskCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyKnownTitlesCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyHPCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyManaCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyRageCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyEnergyCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyMoneyCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyASpeedCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifySpeedCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyBWalkCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyFlyCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifySwimCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyScaleCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyMountCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyBitCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyFactionCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifySpellCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyTalentCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyHonorCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyRepCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyArenaCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyPhaseCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleModifyGenderCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcAddCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcChangeEntryCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcDeleteCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcFactionIdCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcFlagCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcFollowCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcInfoCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcMoveCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcPlayEmoteCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcSayCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcSetModelCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcSetMoveTypeCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcSetPhaseCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcSpawnDistCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcSpawnTimeCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcTameCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcTextEmoteCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcUnFollowCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcWhisperCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcYellCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNpcSetLinkCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAllCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAllAreaCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAllItemCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAllLootCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAllNpcCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAllQuestCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAllScriptsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAllSpellCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAllLocalesCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadConfigCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadWpScriptsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAreaTriggerTavernCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAutobroadcastCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAreaTriggerTeleportCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAccessRequirementCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadEventScriptsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadEventAITextsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadEventAISummonsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadEventAIScriptsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadCommandCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadCreatureQuestStarterCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadCreatureQuestEnderCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadCreatureLinkedRespawnCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadDbScriptStringCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadGameGraveyardZoneCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadGameObjectScriptsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadGameTeleCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadGossipMenuCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadGossipMenuOptionCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadGOQuestStarterCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadGOQuestEnderCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLootTemplatesCreatureCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLootTemplatesDisenchantCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLootTemplatesFishingCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLootTemplatesGameobjectCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLootTemplatesItemCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLootTemplatesMailCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLootTemplatesPickpocketingCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLootTemplatesProspectingCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLootTemplatesReferenceCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLootTemplatesSkinningCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadOregonStringCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadNpcGossipCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadNpcTrainerCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadNpcVendorCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadQuestAreaTriggersCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadQuestEndScriptsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadQuestStartScriptsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadQuestTemplateCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadReservedNameCommand (const char *)
bool HandleReloadReputationSpilloverTemplateCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadSkillDiscoveryTemplateCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadSkillExtraItemTemplateCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadSkillFishingBaseLevelCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadSpellAffectCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadSpellRequiredCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadSpellGroupsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadSpellGroupStackRulesCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadSpellLearnSpellCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadSpellLinkedSpellCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadSpellProcEventCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadSpellScriptsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadSpellTargetPositionCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadSpellThreatsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadSpellPetAurasCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadDisablesCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadPageTextsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadItemEnchantementsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLocalesCreatureCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLocalesGameobjectCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLocalesItemCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLocalesNpcTextCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLocalesPageTextCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadLocalesQuestCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAuctionsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadConditions (const char *args)
bool HandleInstanceListBindsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleInstanceUnbindCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleInstanceStatsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleInstanceSaveDataCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleServerCorpsesCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleServerExitCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleServerIdleRestartCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleServerIdleShutDownCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleServerInfoCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleServerMotdCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleServerPLimitCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleServerRestartCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleServerSetLogMaskCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleServerSetMotdCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleServerSetDiffTimeCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleServerShutDownCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleServerShutDownCancelCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAddHonorCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleHonorAddKillCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleUpdateHonorFieldsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSendQuestPartyMsgCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSendQuestInvalidMsgCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDebugInArcCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDebugSpellFailCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGUIDCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNameCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSubNameCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleItemMoveCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDeMorphCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAddVendorItemCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDelVendorItemCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleChangeLevelCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSetPoiCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleEquipErrorCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGoCreatureCommand (const char *args)
 Teleport the GM to the specified creature. More...
bool HandleGoObjectCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGoTicketCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGoTriggerCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGoGraveyardCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleTargetObjectCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDelObjectCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleMoveObjectCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGOPhaseCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleTurnObjectCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleObjectStateCommand (const char *args)
bool HandlePInfoCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleMuteCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleUnmuteCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleMovegensCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleFreezeCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleUnFreezeCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleListFreezeCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleBanAccountCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleBanCharacterCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleBanIPCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleUnBanAccountCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleUnBanCharacterCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleUnBanIPCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleBanInfoAccountCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleBanInfoCharacterCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleBanInfoIPCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleBanListAccountCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleBanListCharacterCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleBanListIPCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGoXYCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGoXYZCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGoZoneXYCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGoGridCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAddWeaponCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAllowMovementCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGoCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCooldownCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleUnLearnCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGetDistanceCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGameObjectCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAnimCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleStandStateCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDieCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDamageCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReviveCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleMorphCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAuraCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleUnAuraCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLinkGraveCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNearGraveCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleActivateObjectCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSpawnTransportCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleHoverCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLevelUpCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleShowAreaCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleHideAreaCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAddItemCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAddItemSetCommand (const char *args)
bool HandlePetTpCommand (const char *args)
bool HandlePetUnlearnCommand (const char *args)
bool HandlePetLearnCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCreatePetCommand (const char *args)
bool HandlePowerCheatCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCoolDownCheatCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCasttimeCheatCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGodModeCheatCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleExploreCheatCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleWaterwalkCheatCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGroupLeaderCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGroupDisbandCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGroupRemoveCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGroupJoinCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGuildCreateCommand (const char *args)
 GM command level 3 - Create a guild. More...
bool HandleGuildInviteCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGuildUninviteCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGuildRankCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGuildDeleteCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleUpdate (const char *args)
bool HandleBankCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleChangeWeather (const char *args)
bool HandleKickPlayerCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleTeleCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleAddTeleCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDelTeleCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleListAurasCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleResetHonorCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleResetLevelCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleResetSpellsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleResetStatsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleResetTalentsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleResetAllCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMTicketListCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMTicketListOnlineCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMTicketListClosedCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMTicketGetByIdCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMTicketGetByNameCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMTicketCloseByIdCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMTicketAssignToCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMTicketUnAssignCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMTicketCommentCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMTicketDeleteByIdCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGMTicketReloadCommand (const char *)
bool HandleMaxSkillCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSetSkillCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleListCreatureCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleListItemCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleListObjectCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleNearObjectCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleRespawnCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleWpAddCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleWpLoadPathCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleWpUnLoadPathCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleWpModifyCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleWpEventCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleWpShowCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleReloadAllPaths (const char *args)
bool HandleFlyModeCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSendOpcodeCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSellErrorCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleBuyErrorCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleUpdateWorldStateCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSendChannelNotifyCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSendChatMsgCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleLoadPDumpCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleWritePDumpCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCastCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCastBackCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCastDistCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCastSelfCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCastTargetCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCharacterDeletedDeleteCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCharacterDeletedListCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCharacterDeletedRestoreCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCharacterDeletedOldCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCharacterEraseCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCharacterRenameCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleComeToMeCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCombatStopCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleCharDeleteCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSendMessageCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleFlushArenaPointsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandlePlayAllCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleRepairitemsCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleTempGameObjectCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleTempAddSpwCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleRAFInfoCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleRAFLinkCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleRAFUnlinkCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleRAFSummonCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleRAFGrantLevelCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleRAFReloadCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSetValue (const char *args)
 Development Commands. More...
bool HandleGetValue (const char *args)
bool HandleSet32Bit (const char *args)
bool HandleMod32Value (const char *args)
bool HandleAddQuest (const char *args)
bool HandleRemoveQuest (const char *args)
bool HandleCompleteQuest (const char *args)
bool HandleSaveAllCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGetItemState (const char *args)
bool HandleGetLootRecipient (const char *args)
bool HandleDebugArenaCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDebugBattlegroundCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDebugThreatList (const char *args)
bool HandleDebugHostilRefList (const char *args)
bool HandlePossessCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleUnPossessCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleBindSightCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleUnbindSightCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleSetInstanceDataCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleGetInstanceDataCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDebugRAFError (const char *args)
bool HandleSpellCrashTestCommand (const char *args)
bool HandlePartyResultCommand (const char *args)
bool HandleDebugAnimationCommand (const char *args)
PlayergetSelectedPlayer ()
PlayergetSelectedPlayerOrSelf ()
CreaturegetSelectedCreature ()
UnitgetSelectedUnit ()
char * extractKeyFromLink (char *text, char const *linkType, char **something1=NULL)
char * extractKeyFromLink (char *text, char const *const *linkTypes, int *found_idx, char **something1=NULL)
uint32 extractSpellIdFromLink (char *text)
GameTele const * extractGameTeleFromLink (char *text)
bool GetPlayerGroupAndGUIDByName (const char *cname, Player *&plr, Group *&group, uint64 &guid, bool offline=false)
GameObjectGetObjectGlobalyWithGuidOrNearWithDbGuid (uint32 lowguid, uint32 entry)
bool LookupPlayerSearchCommand (QueryResult_AutoPtr result, int32 limit)
bool HandleBanListHelper (QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
bool HandleBanHelper (BanMode mode, char const *args)
bool HandleBanInfoHelper (uint32 accountid, char const *accountname)
bool HandleUnBanHelper (BanMode mode, char const *args)
bool GetDeletedCharacterInfoList (DeletedInfoList &foundList, std::string searchString="")
std::string GenerateDeletedCharacterGUIDsWhereStr (DeletedInfoList::const_iterator &itr, DeletedInfoList::const_iterator const &itr_end)
void HandleCharacterDeletedListHelper (DeletedInfoList const &foundList)
void HandleCharacterDeletedRestoreHelper (DeletedInfo const &delInfo)
void SetSentErrorMessage (bool val)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 605 of file Chat.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef void CliHandler::Print(void *, char const *)

Definition at line 608 of file Chat.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CliHandler::CliHandler ( void *  callbackArg,
Print zprint 

Definition at line 609 of file Chat.h.

609 : m_callbackArg(callbackArg), m_print(zprint) {}
Print * m_print
Definition: Chat.h:620
void * m_callbackArg
Definition: Chat.h:619

Member Function Documentation

const char * CliHandler::GetName ( ) const

Reimplemented from ChatHandler.

Definition at line 1901 of file Chat.cpp.

References ChatHandler::GetOregonString(), and LANG_CONSOLE_COMMAND.

1902 {
1904 }
const char * GetOregonString(int32 entry) const
Definition: Chat.cpp:1884
const char * CliHandler::GetOregonString ( int32  entry) const

Reimplemented from ChatHandler.

Definition at line 1884 of file Chat.cpp.

References sObjectMgr.

1885 {
1886  return sObjectMgr.GetOregonStringForDBCLocale(entry);
1887 }
#define sObjectMgr
Definition: ObjectMgr.h:1285
bool CliHandler::isAvailable ( ChatCommand const &  cmd) const

Reimplemented from ChatHandler.

Definition at line 1889 of file Chat.cpp.

References ChatCommand::AllowConsole.

1890 {
1891  // skip non-console commands in console case
1892  return cmd.AllowConsole;
1893 }
bool CliHandler::needReportToTarget ( Player chr) const

Reimplemented from ChatHandler.

Definition at line 1906 of file Chat.cpp.

1907 {
1908  return true;
1909 }
void CliHandler::SendSysMessage ( const char *  str)

Reimplemented from ChatHandler.

Definition at line 1895 of file Chat.cpp.

1896 {
1897  m_print(m_callbackArg, str);
1898  m_print(m_callbackArg, "\n");
1899 }
Print * m_print
Definition: Chat.h:620
void * m_callbackArg
Definition: Chat.h:619

Member Data Documentation

void* CliHandler::m_callbackArg

Definition at line 619 of file Chat.h.

Print* CliHandler::m_print

Definition at line 620 of file Chat.h.

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