OregonCore  revision be9e804-git
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Migration Guide BB->GH

As you may have already noticed, OregonCore moved from Mercurial and Bitbucket to Git and Github.

We encourage you to first read this guide entirely and then start following its steps.

  • We are not going to talk why we moved here. These kind of question belong on places like forums.
  • If you have not used OC yet, do not follow this guide and jump to installation guide.
  • This will be a straightforward guide how to flawlessly move with us.

What's changed

  • version control changed from mercurial to git
  • main repository has been moved to GitHub
  • issue tracking has been moved as well


Update as usual

This is essential, and almost everything that you need to do.

  • update your OC copy to the latest bitbucket version
  • update your database to the latest version (with all updates)

Next step: Backup!

You should already be fine, but in case anything goes wrong, you can roll back and start over again.

  • backup all your three databases - realmd, characters and world
  • if you have done nay custom changes, back them up
  • backup configuration files oregoncore.conf and oregonrealm.conf

Replace repo with gits

Let's say that you're copy was in 'oregoncore' directory, in that case rename it to 'oregoncore_backup' or something like that.

Get new tools to work with git and clone a new repo, this time from git. Clone it to directory that was your original (in our case 'oregoncore').

Please refer to installation guide:

If needed:

  • copy our old oregoncore.conf as your new
  • copy our old oregonrealm.conf as your new


That's all!

If you're not using automatic updater, first apply all new database updates. If you haven't yet, stop your server and run the new one you've just built.

Need help?

If you encounter any difficulties please come on forums and let us know.
If you followed this guide correctly, we will surely find a solution.